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“This touching, motivational book is relevant to women of all ages. Written in Pam's personal and engaging style, this practical guide is sure to inspire the reader on his or her journey to self-acceptance.”

Allison Whitmore
RN, MSN Business Analyst

“A wonderful and uplifting book. Pam’s personal ‘life-lessons’ are certainly applicable to every one of us. After coaching professional golfers for the past fourteen years, I have also come to realize that the more we love and appreciate all of ourselves, the greater chance we will have of achieving all of our goals . . . I was grateful for Pam’s kind and gentle counsel on how to ‘Find the Angel Within.”

Reeve A. Nield
Professional Golf Coach
Ladies’ European Tour

"Pam Hansen so eloquently demonstrates her ability to combine a predominately social issue (body image) with spirituality, in a way that is both insightful and reader-friendly. Her personal struggles and triumphs solidify the concept that self-acceptance, self-love, and peace with one's body can be obtained. I highly recommend this book to all women in order to gain a deeper love and respect for their physical and spiritual bodies.”

Stephanie Fugal
Instructor of Women's Health, Brigham Young University, Department of Health Science


"The story that Pam Hansen tells is both tragic and heartwarming. Not only did she discover that stress is the most common manifestation of obesity, she learned that exercise is the foundation for any successful weight loss program. The way she overcame both personal and familial problems is truly remarkable. This is a 'must-read' for anyone fighting obesity."

Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Cooper Clinic, Dallas, Texas
Bestselling Author

"Readers will enjoy cheering [Pam] on toward the finish line even as they reach for the Kleenex to wipe away tears of compassion."

Publishers Weekly

"Running with Angels is a book you can't put down! Pam Hansen weaves a tender, compelling story in this very personal account of loss as a young mother…and loss of self. From the hurtful comments that come with obesity to the euphoria of crossing a marathon finish line, Pam takes us on a journey that makes you want to stand and cheer…then lace up your running shoes!"

Sammy Linebaugh
Freelance Reporter

"Pam Hansen weaves a remarkable story of her personal struggle with morbid obesity with the running of her first marathon. She identifies many similarities between the two, as she illuminates the complexity of obesity and its impact on all dimensions of life. Pam's eventual success with both challenges epitomizes the power of strong social support, positive focusing, empowerment, and falling back in love with a body she had grown to despise. Running with Angels exemplifies the power of the personal story to motivate positive health behavior change. I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with any type of health problem."

Keith J. Karren, Ph.D.
Professor, Health Science Department
Brigham Young University

"In my profession, I meet people daily who are heavily burdened down by the troubles of life. I often ask them what would help them most in resolving their troubles. Regularly I hear these words, 'I wish I could talk with someone who understands what I am going through.' I have rarely read anything that more clearly communicates true understanding of the pains and struggles of life than what Pam Hansen has written in this book. Although it deals with overcoming obesity, you can easily translate it to so many other challenges in life. She is remarkably open and honest with her own story. I greatly admire her and her remarkable journey of courage. I commend it to anyone who struggles with anything."

Dr. Jim MacArthur
Psychologist and author of Everyday Parents Raising Great Kids

"Pam's story is uplifting and inspiring. Her insights about life and overcoming obesity are powerful and thought-provoking. This is a wonderful book for anyone suffering from obesity or other significant challenges."

Larry Tucker, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Exercise Sciences
Brigham Young University

"Running with Angels is one of the most unique books I’ve read in a long time. It applies to so many different pockets of people, from runners, to grieving families, to those with weight issues. Everyone will be inspired by Pam’s triumphs over her lifelong struggles."

Heather Walker
Bereavement Specialist, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

"Helen Keller told us that the world is full of sorrow, and the overcoming of sorrow. This book presents one realistic, forthright example. Running with Angels is frank, authentic, and inspiring. I recommend it for anyone who grieves, or diets, or runs, or who wants an encouraging view of human capacity."

Dianne Nielsen, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Runner

"Pam Hansen pulled me in from the very first page of Running with Angels. I voraciously read the book cover to cover, and then went through it again, writing down several of her inspirational quotes so I could use them as my own daily motivation. I empathized strongly with her descriptions of frustration and heartache associated with her children's disabilities as I reflected on my experiences of raising two daughters with spina bifida. But I also laughed out loud at the poignant anecdotes she shared from humorous yet gut wrenching public moments of humiliation during her ongoing battle with obesity. I feel privileged not only to have met Pam personally and to have witnessed her quiet, dignified strength and resolve, but also to have had her son in my high school English class. He would frequently write about his mother and the many obstacles she overcame so triumphantly. Understandably, he adores her. I adore her, too."

Melodie Bestor
Chairperson, English Department
Orem High School

"Pam's moving story is told with such heart and determination. This book is a must read for anyone faced with life-altering diseases. Her story reminds us that indeed, a lifetime journey does begin with a single step."

Lisa B. Fall
President, Arthritis Foundation, Utah/Idaho Chapter